New Here

Hello! We are excited to meet you!  You are most certainly welcome in our church at any time! 

Here are just a few things you might expect when coming to worship with us.

Zion follows many of the orders of the traditional Church. Our worship services are intricately tied in with God's Holy Word, as the focus of our worship is not ourselves, but on our God and Savior.  What this means is that there is order and structure to our Worship, using Scripture as its source, much the same as the Christian Church has worshipped for thousands of years. That being said, we also weave video and sound technology into this format, so that we both pay respect to the old, while utilizing the media that we as a people are more used to.

Lutherans are often called the singing church within Christianity.  As such, we have music through much of our service, including, at times, the liturgy.  An organ is our primary accompaniment, though we often gifted to hear our bell choir and other special music throughout our service.  Hymns are typically what are sung on a given Sunday.

We have no particular dress code, and would rather have you here in whatever you've got, so long as we have you!  We do try to dress modestly and nicely for the reason that we are worshipping our God, and He does deserve our best!

As a tenant of our faith, we do have particular practices in regards to Holy Communion that we ask that you would respect. Communion Services are on the first and third Sundays of the month.  Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper) is a sacred rite in which we eat the true body, and drink the true blood of Jesus Christ.  This is not a symbolic meal in any way, but rather as God’s Word says, His real and true body and blood, given and shed for the forgiveness of our sins.  Scripture also tells us that those who eat and drink without discerning the body, do so to their judgment. Therefore, those who are not members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and currently within this belief are humbly asked to refrain from partaking of this Sacrament.  This is in no way a judgment, but rather a Pastoral concern for the spiritual well being of you our guest, and what we as a Church believe.  Please see the Pastor for concerns you might have regarding this.